Hey everyone,

Please bring your practise log to every lesson. Thanks!




While playing along to No Problem by Chance the Rapper, use alternate sticking leading with the left hand (start with your left hand) to play 1 bar of eighth notes on the snare drum followed by 1 bar of quarter notes on one of the rack toms (you choose which one). Do it again, except 2 bars each. Then 4 bars each.

  • Then reverse it; play the eighth notes on one of the rack toms and quarter notes on the snare drum.
  • Then eighth notes on floor tom, quarters on ride cymbal. And reverse it.
  • Then eighth notes on other rack tom and quarters on floor tom. And reverse it.
  • Then eighth notes on hi-hat and quarters on snare drum. And reverse it.

Play the Best Song Ever patterns along to a metronome.

  • Each click will be an 8th note.
  • Start the metronome at 70 bpm. Once you have played through all of them, do it again but with the metronome at 80 bpm. Then at 90, etc., until you get to 120. Don’t go faster than that.
  • Be sure to count 16th notes out loud as you play. If you find it easier to count 8th notes, you can do that too.


Same homework as last week except play all the hi-hat parts on the ride cymbal instead.


No homework. Don’t worry – we will talk.


Play the first two “Believer” training patterns. Count triplets out loud as you play them.