Great lesson, today, sir!  You are really starting to ‘get’ what it means when we say ‘Good Practice Methods’ and why they are necessary to learn a piece effectively and efficiently.   Remember that the ‘dance’ you do seated on the piano while playing (moving to the strong beats), and having flexible wrists, while articulating keys is essential to music-making.

Minutes to practice: At least 45 minutes per day.
What to practice: All of your current pieces.
How to practice it most effectively: Using good practice methods!  If you explain what I mean by this to your Grandma, you will reinforce these concepts more effectively into your practice habits.
How parents/grand parents can support practice: In addition to looking for GREAT classical AND jazz pianists’ concerts to attend, please purchase a Rudiments II theory practice book, so Mazin’s musical knowledge can be increased and cemented.