• Keep working on your “tu” attacks. Try to get different notes with them including Gs, Low Cs and High Cs. Remember that low notes require you to be relaxed and to blow slow air.
  • Try the first few exercises out of the Arban book.
  • Remember to always breathe deep and relaxed.


  • Work on the Imperial march for your recital! I’m sure it will go very well.
  • If valve oil does not fix a sticky valve, remove the valve and wipe it off with a paper towel. Make sure there are no paper bits on it, then oil it and put it back in. Remember you should never have to drench a valve in oil, a few drops should do the trick.
  • Please try to remember to bring your book from now on.


  • Work on Furioso for your recital, it sounds good but could just be cleaned up a little!
  • Please bring in some music from your weekend band for us to practice.
  • Remember to practice with a metronome, and be strict with tempo. Otherwise it will never develop.