Hello Everybody!

Here is our quarterly COVID update for Spring 2021, with some information that will help you plan into the Fall season. In this update:

  • Winter Ends 15 MAR
  • Spring & Summer
  • Important Re-Start Plan Updates
  • Summer & Fall Lesson Registration starts soon – plan now.

Winter Now Ended (bonus 14 & 21 March)

Our regular classes are now over. As a result of our collaboration with Lenka in Boston, you can attend her last class on March 14th and 21st and get extra weeks of classes!

Re-Start Plan Updates

As you know, we have had an in-person re-start plan in place since August of last year. It is comprehensive, prioritizing safety, and takes a measured approach to re-starting our in-person services. Please refresh your familiarity with this plan now, as it applies to any in-person activity we will do through 2021 at a minimum.

We have decided to add one more very important criteria to our plan: Teachers will not begin teaching until they have been completely vaccinated with the exception of Barnaby who may teach Spring/Summer classes outdoors. By doing this we are able to further minimize the likelihood that we are transmitting the virus.

Undoubtedly this will slow things down, but it does speak to a foundational belief we hold, which is that it is better to do it right than it is to do it now.

So what does that mean for Spring & Summer?

Our hope is that we can run a combined digital & in-person model, using outdoor classes alongside online classes. In-person will only be available for Mixed Age classes. Rhythm Kids will continue online only, for now.

We’ll be sending you a survey soon to find out your level of interest, but here is where we are at, so far:

  • Possible Locations: Toronto (St. Clair W.), Toronto (Lawrence Park), Brampton (North Bramalea)
  • 10-week online classes starting 17 APR
  • 8-week outdoor Park options (subject to gathering guidelines) starting 1 MAY
  • no-make ups for missed outdoor classes for any reason
  • cost TBD, likely full season to be paid at once, and possibly higher cost due to park permits
  • Large classes if permitted

Sadly we still face a lot of unknowns and the many things that are beyond our control to predict.

Our goal is to provide you with information as soon as the latest news about gatherings is available. Stay tuned!

Summer & Fall Registration

As a result of COVID we are still going to be constrained in our travel and summer options this year. For this reason we are going to move up our traditional re-registration period to start in April rather than May to help give you a head-start in planning your summer and autumn efforts.

We’ll update you with more details soon, but our intention is to resume indoor in-person classes starting in October, barring any major delay with vaccination.