Hello Music Together Families!

Here is this week’s song list:

  • I’m Hiding
  • Allee Galloo
  • Hey, Ho, Nobody Home
  • Train Song
  • Ten Fingers
  • Ladybug
  • Rolling a Round Ball
  • (Free Dance TBA…)
  • Stick Dance
  • Two Blackbirds

I’d like to encourage you to remember the 3 ‘S’s, which are to:

Be Singing
Be Silly
Be Showing 

These aren’t organized in any order of priority, but more of an ongoing mantra for having music at home and in the class.  If you think you could do one of these better, make it your focus for one week and see what you can challenge yourself to accomplish in that one area.  These don’t have to be exotic efforts, just a little thoughtfulness about them as you are singing with your children.  Try things like:

  • substituting your child’s name in a song
  • engaging in one outlandish gesture at a particular point in a song
  • make a silly noise (when was the last time you made armpit farty-sounds? or blew raspberries?)
  • make an instrument out of something completely unexpected
Remember: There are no rules for helping your child to learn, other than throwing yourself into position of leading by example.  If you think Barnaby or Emma always feel comfortable being ridiculous – they’re not!  They just hide it well!  Help us out, and join in at home and in class.  You’ll be amazed at how much more the kids will engage from week to week!