Check Your E-mail

I think I have gotten the new system up and running effectively.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Other E-mail lists

In addition to the Teachers Only list, there are lists for Music Lessons, and Music Together that you can subscribe to, which means that you can stay informed about other things going on at the school.  You can sign yourselves up for that, if you like, there will be a subscription option on the Teachers Only page shortly.

Microwave cover

I’ve recently gotten a plastic food cover for the microwave.  Please use it to cover all food you put in the microwave, and mind you do not burn yourself by steam, or touching a really hot plate.

Coffee Mugs

Some of you have already started to bring your mugs, which is great.  Please grab a fat marker from me or Jasmine and write your name on the bottom, so others will know which is yours, and so they can be kind and clean yours if they use it.