Upgrade for Better Information Delivery

Hello Parents and Students!  We’ve just switched to a new system for delivering you news and information about your programs at ABC.

We did this because of one parent’s feedback last week about the look of our emails (which were administered through a free service), which was described as ‘not looking very good’.  We agree!  Thank you, Lindsey.  It just goes to show how important feedback is, as well as how seriously we take it, even on such a small matter as email, and information delivery.

Get Less in Your Inbox

For you, as parents, students, and readers, this new system has the advantage of being more program-specific.  What this means is that you will only receive Music Lesson emails if you are in Music Lessons, and only Music Together emails if you are in that class.  While we have not been spammy with our news delivery, this will make the emails you receive less in volume, but also increase the relevance of those that you get.  This is great.

Feedback Rules!

Since this came about from feedback, we would like to invite and encourage you to be in touch in areas that you think could be better, no matter how small.  We want to be a great school, and business, and your input is vital to that process.

Thanks, and happy reading!