Hello Everybody!

We have been safely rolling out the first round of our in-person lessons, and it looks like the second round will start without any delay on October 25th – scant days from now!

The next teachers that will be on-site will be:

•Gordon (drums)

• Matt M. (Guitar/Uke/Bass)

Remember the protocols:

  1. You (the student) must be vaccinated to participate, and please upload your proof of full vaccination before attending your lesson.
  2. You (the student) must always have a device that is running the Covid Alert App with you at each lesson.
  3. The adult dropping off or picking up a student must also upload their proof of vaccination if they wish to enter our waiting room during the colder months.

If you do not meet these requirements, we will need you to take your lessons digitally at this time.  All teachers will be prepared to be digital for every lesson.

Please upload your 2nd vaccination receipt now, and download the COVID alert app now so we can get off to a smooth and easy start.

Note that lessons may be slightly shortened by 1-3 minutes to allow for enhanced cleaning protocols.

NOTE:  If you have not uploaded your proof of vaccination by the day of your lesson your teacher will expect you online.