Hello Everybody!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had hoped we’d be able to meet before the end of February, but between some large projects that are heating up on my end (some MT), and my hope to involve my strategist in our live chat, things got off the rails.

Next Zoom Meeting

I’d like to suggest Friday, April 18th from 5-7pm EST for our next meeting.

On the agenda:

  • Continuing to give our group shape, and determining membership structure (free/paid tiers). There was thorough feedback about this, and I’d like to follow up with you on this.
  • Follow-up on Social Tile project. I don’t think you will want to miss this.
  • Getting ready for the coming school year. It may seem early, but now is the time to plan. We’ll briefly discuss your needs for the coming school year, which we’ll follow up with at least one strategic session before the end of June so you can make the most the next year.
  • Your requests! Email me your agenda item requests and we’ll put them in for discussion. [email protected]

As before, since we are using a free Zoom account, we are limited to 40m, so I am booking two meetings, and we may need to switch to the second one if we get cut off. Here they are:



Drive Updates – New Shared Photos

I will have updated our shared drive with new photos in MA, RK, and Babies folders. I made a concerted effort to go to as many classes as possible a couple of weeks ago, and get some good shots. I have been editing them to include square versions for social.

Use these – they’re free! I’ve made an effort to capture lots of diversity, as was available.

Add some, too! This is an area that works best if you share freely.

Also, I will be adding a folder for you to upload your template social posts that you are comfortable for others to use. Be sure to make sure that if you provide an image or video with text that the file names of both are identical at the beginning so they appear together in the file list.

NOTE: We will have to sign off on a photo and/or policy document soon. In the interim, be advised that these are intended solely for your exclusive use as members of the group.

See you soon!