Hello Everybody,

Here is the latest information from the webinar on the 18th. You can visit the Google Drive for the PDF of the Slides used – which you’ll need since I forgot to screen share in the beginning – and also to find the video for the live demos. This is the direct link to the Webinar Folder.

The log-in information for my SquareStats account follows, if you decide you would be willing to share your Instagram data. This will be very helpful.

[email protected]

I have also added a document with some diversified hashtags that I think offer an increased market penetration. These are not sorted in any way, so take care to deploy them strategically. Some are geographically tied to my market, so you can just adjust to your market.

If you would like to use the winter set of posts and hashtags to help gather data for the group, this will be free, just let me know.

I hope you also enjoy the new, free, 8pcs social tile blanks – they are great! Should you want to buy the full set of MT colours for these, let me know.

I hope you enjoy the latest content and resources.

Next Meeting I suggest mid-June for our next meeting, and an SEO special meeting in early July so you can get your website in front of as many eyeballs as possible for the coming school year. For June, please email or Slack me your requests for content to discuss and cover.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in June!