Hope you all had a great Halloween! Here is what I would like for you to practice the next couple of days.

Ella- Focus on the new beat in Black Parade (bar 93) and try to be able to play the whole song for next time. All that is left is a recap of the beginning.

Eric- Learn the beats on Swing Sheet A. If you can only get a few of them by Tuesday that’s alright, but try to get those solid. Also, think of what song you would like to work on next!

Jonah- Great job in our last lesson! Try to play the drums a little bit each day this week and make up three beats that you can show me next time.

Noah- Practice the bottom line of Lesson 2, as well as Lesson 3 beats 1-20. See if you can get them up to 80 bpm this week.

Sylvie- Practice playing C major and F major scales on your piano. Also check out Teoria.com which is a music theory site. From the main site, select exercises, then under Music Theory, select Reading, then Clef Reading. Set it up to look like this, or change the highlighted “Note” to “Visual keyboard” and play the games. In addition, see if you can write out four beats for us to play next time.

Koel- Practice beats 13-24 in Lesson 2 with quarter notes on the hi hat. Also, look at the entire page for Lesson 3. Try to get these up to 90 bpm for next lesson.

Sampson- Look at beats 1-24 on in Lesson 2 for next time. See if you can get them up to 70 bpm on the metronome this week.

See you all soon, have fun playing the drums!!!