Daily amount of minutes to practice: 30

What to practice: This week Jonathan I want you to work on the reading from Lesson 7 and Lesson 8, as well as the beats from Lesson 13.

How to practice effectively: Good job with the rhythm stuff we worked on this week. For the reading in Lesson 7 and 8, focus on counting and making sure you understand the rhythm. Then when you’re playing be sure to be counting either out loud or in your head, its also helpful to count out loud once before playing that way you can get it in your ear. Aim for consistency, accuracy, and good timing. For the beats, its the same process of making sure you understand the rhythm and the counts just coordinating it with all the limbs this time. If you want an extra challenge with the beats, add the left foot playing quarter notes on the hi-hat to all the beats.

Good work today man, keep it up!