Hello everyone! Thank you for great lessons yesterday, please take a look at these assignments for next time.

Ella- Keep working on the triplet fill at the beginning, you have it perfectly now, just try to keep doing it slowly so it gets comfortable. Next, do the same with the fill just before the main song comes in. Also, work on playing the main beat up to 160 bpm.

Noah- Take a look at the bottom line of Lesson 1 and then the first 12 beats of Lesson 2. Try to count out all of the fills before playing.

Sylvie- Please look at the pattern we practiced in the lesson. Use the middle written out pattern as practice to be able to play the bottom one.

Koel- Look at the whole Lesson 2 page. If you can’t get to everything that’s fine. Try to get whichever ones you learn up to 70 bpm on the metronome.

Sampson- Practice the Bossa Nova up to 80 on the metronome. If you can’t get up to that speed its okay, that is a big goal!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!