Daily amount of minutes to practice: 30

What to practice: This week Jonathan I want you to keep working on Runaway, focusing on the hi-hat accents and ghost-note dynamics. (here is the transcription and the song live and the studio version.)

How to practice effectively: So like we covered in the lesson, the hi-hat will have a slight accent or pulse on the first note out of each pair of eighth notes, percussionists often use the musical term tenuto to refer to this kind of pulse. First I want you to practice this emphasis in the beat without any ghost notes, just the main snare notes not in parentheses. Then when you’re comfortable with that, add in the ghost notes making sure to keep them super quiet compared to the main snare notes. Then once thats there, try bumping up the tempo making sure to stay nice an relaxed, the beat should feel smooth and groovy, not clunky and messy.

Great job this week dude!