Recommended minutes to practice: 5 minutes a day

What to practice: This week I want you to practice your G chord so we can play some songs together.  Also next week I want you to name the strings with no help from me, you got this!

How to practice it most effectively: Practice switching between C and G and make sure your thumb is behind the neck this will help a lot.

How parents can help: Make sure Katarina sits down and plays the G chord which you know already so maybe giving her some direction would be helpful and fun as an activity.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Practice those tough chords for Good 4 U which is E major and F#min. Practice switching between them slowly. Also practice your C major scale and naming the notes. If you can’t figure it out look to some resources online.

How to practice it most effectively: Saying the note names as you play them will really help you learn how the ukulele works and get you to memorize the C major scale quickly.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep working on black dog until you feel really comfortable playing it. Also work on the strumming pattern from book two which switches between Am and Em. Lastly, work on the intro to wish you were here, we will look at the solo in the next few weeks. 

How to practice it most effectively: If there is a play along for the book, it would be great to actually listen to that and hear the rhythm out loud. Also if you can, slow down the youtbe video for black dog and try and play along.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Work on that strumming pattern I showed you with any chord, we will continue to work on some strumming pattern stuff. Also try and play seven nation army with power chords, this will thicken up the sound. We also worked on the G chord so we can start to learn wish you were here by Pink Floyd.

How to practice it most effectively: Count out loud while you do the strumming pattern, this will solidify your time and make sure that you are feeling each beat of the pattern.



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