Warm up with “Deep Breathing” and “Cartwheels.”

Review “Bouncing Ball” song.  Always make sure to read all the notes on the page as you play!  Both bouncing ball and “Cartwheels” introduce a technique where your left hand crosses over your right hand to play a higher note.

If you have extra time, take a look at “Question-Answer” and practice hands separately.



Warm Up: “Rolling” and “Arms Up and Down” from your photocopy.  Practice the other exercises we’ve learned so far if you have extra time.

Work on the song “Frogs on Logs,” which uses the hand shift.  This is a technique where the hand uses the exact same fingering pattern, but shifts up a note.

Take a look at the song “Let’s Play Ball.”


Warm up: Double thirds ascending and descending, legato and staccato.

The Avalanche: Practice this really slowly three times before playing it once at the tempo.  Then, fix and work on smaller sections that need attention.

Prayer: Make up a story to go with this piece.  Creating a story will help express the emotion of the piece in your playing!

Hakuna Matata: Practice this nice and slowly.  Continue working on page one.  Add page two and start practicing hands separate before putting them together. Count out loud (one and, two and, etc).  Double check all the notes are right as you play, there’s a few funky harmonies in this piece!

March in D: Focus on the second half of the piece.  Play this really slowly before speeding it up.  Try and get this section as comfortable as the first section.