An Upright Piano is available from one of our ABC families.  It is an older instrument, but will be excellent for a young student.

If you decide to take it, you will be responsible for the cost of moving it, and it will likely need a tuning once it has arrived at your house. 

Other information about this Piano:

Under the paint it is a Dominion on the front but that may just be a replacement piece.
Dominion is a Canadian piano and organ manufacturer in Belleville.
This piano is in NO way in mint condition.
It probably was originally brown and then painted black.

Regular upright size:
60″ long x 27″ wide x 54″ high

It has a mirror added on at eye level (great for keeping an eye on your audience) which you can see in photo #2.
It also has some tape lines on the front legs which we have been too lazy to remove in 10 years.

The left pedal (the soft pedal) is a bit stiff but does work.
Many people have enjoyed playing this piano and it does plays nicely for a learner or a beginner who doesn’t want an electric piano.

ABC recommends you make an offer for this instrument that you are comfortable with.  The owners would just like for it to find a good home!

Please Contact Anna at:  [email protected]

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