Dear Parents and Students,

We have, as you know, built a new homework information system that delivers your homework to your email (or to whomever might sign up for it, such as relatives, spouses, and in theory, complete strangers, since the registration is simply a form on your teachers’ page).  This system also posts the weekly note to the individual teacher’s page on our website.

While this is intended to be a tool for us to enhance the experience of students at home by strengthening the support from parents, each email will contain notes for all the students that a teacher has on a given teaching day.  This means that the evolving state of students will be seen by other students.  If this concerns you, please call us so we may address your concerns.  Parents and Students not wishing to be included will not be.

Privacy is fundamental to our relationships with you, our student and parent community, and is a high priority for us.  We have updated our Lesson Policies page to reflect the usage of your information.  The policy relating to privacy reads:

Privacy:  ABC Academy of Music does not sell or give personal information to third parties without express consent.  ABC Academy will use your personal contact information for:

  • Delivering News via phone, email, and mail.
  • Reminders of important dates via phone, email, and mail
  • Promotions that ABC may run from time to time
  • Promotions that ABC may receive from community and business partners from time to time
  • Lesson Schedule reminders by email, and text message (SMS)
  • Homework Emails

The above items are subscribed to by default upon registration.  For phone and email communication students may opt out at any time using the methods provided within those systems.  For students not wishing to be included in homework emails, please indicate your preference at the time of registration, when asked.

Teachers are given guidelines for using this system which are intended to safeguard privacy as well as the self-esteem of our students, and this system provides a variety of other opportunities to enhance your experience which we feel are both useful and necessary in an age when parents may have a challenge keeping informed of what their children’s progress is, and how to best support those educational efforts.  The full benefit of music lessons for your children are best realized when we (you’re part of the team here, too!) offer them support at home, as well as at their lesson.  Don’t forget – they spend way more time at home, than at their lesson, so they need your support.

If you have any questions about this, or wish to have your student excluded from the homework emails, please let us know any time.

Thank you,