Hello Piano Peeps!

Good lessons today.  Remember what we talked about in our lesson, and great luck practicing!


You’re so talented and super smart!   Keep exploring all that is music.  The more you press those piano keys down (like a cat scratching), the stronger your fingers will get!


Good lesson today.  We discovered that your biggest challenge (besides not practicing enough) is staying highly focused on what you are practicing/playing from beginning to the piece’s end.  If you are a ‘Star Wars’ fan (and I’m sure you will soon become one), you must obtain keen concentration to be a Jedi master!


Also a productive lesson today.  Your main issue (besides not practicing enough) is how you press the keys (‘finger articulation’).  The new song assigned for this week (‘Minuet for Bach’s Children’) suits the finger articulation you already have, but all of the other pieces you’re currently working require a different touch ~ every knuckle curved, playing on your ‘ELECTRIFIED’ fingertips!