Hello Everybody!

Here are the latest schedules for the recital.  Registration is looking good!

If you haven’t yet registered, do it now!  You can call the office now to reserve: 416-651-7529.  Register by Thursday at noon, please.

Arrival Time – Please Note

We ask that you do not come into the recital space until a minimum of 15 minutes before your start time (no sooner than 11:45 for 12:00 recital).

Our aim is to run 45 minute recitals, but if you arrive after quarter to the hour and you hear playing, please do not enter the space, as it may be disruptive to our performers and audience.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  Thank you!

12 Noon – Full

Cynthia Attending

  1. Rock Band (Jr./5:30pm group)
  2. Mazin
  3. Ruby
  4. Maria
  5. Felix
  6. Tanishq
  7. Claire
  8. Gerardo
  9. Olivia B.
  10. Aidan M.
  11. Romaun B.
  12. Juliette B.

1pm – Spots Remain

Tim Attending

  1. Rock Band (Jr./5:30pm group)
  2. Isabella A.
  3. Carmen
  4. Eliana SF.
  5. Simon
  6. Melody

2pm – 2 Spots Remain

  1. Anastasiya
  2. Nate McK
  3. Camille
  4. Julie
  5. Kollel
  6. Emet
  7. Ian
  8. Joshua D.
  9. Nathalia
  10. Anna M.

Further Updates to This Schedule

Any further updates to this schedule will be done on our website – use the link at the top of this email to see updates.

Live Stream Link

Note that the link will not be live until the time of our recital.  Viewers may need to refresh their browsers to log in.

Link:   https://video.nest.com/live/Uz0JRVCOUC

Password:  ABC123


Remember, our recital is at The Root Down Studio, 225 Geary Ave., near the intersection of Dufferin and Dupont.