HI Olivia, Bohan and Amy, I will be teaching this Sunday, Dec 3!!!  Sorry about this. Thought because of recitals, that there will be no lessons this Sunday. Hope to see you all Sunday @ ABC for your violin lessons! Here is your homework:


Thank you for an excellent lesson!

Song” my heart will go on” . Really nice sound overall. Try to feel the emotion of the song. So, go for a more inward feeling at beginning and a stronger sound with more bow after the double bar. Watch your rhythm. Note values of half note and quarter note need accuracy. Keep the tempo. Next lesson let’s explore some ornamentation/ embellishments. Please warm up with a G major scale in 2 octaves.

Song: “he’s a pirate” Try new bowings. Practice down bow circles like this: larger circles and slower bows and then smaller circles and faster bows. Then practice section at bottom of page. Keep counting 6/8 time while playing. Warm-up scale: A major in 2 octaves.

Song: ” fellowship of the rings” . Practice change of key section. Finger pattern same  as “he’s a Pirate” with 3rd and 4th finger close. Also, please practice opening section in D where 2nd and 3rd finger are close. Next class we will talk about bow division in song. Warm- up scale is D major ( beginning) and A major scale, lower octave for key change.

Please also review circle  of 5th. Practice tuning your violin with your new tuning  fork.Happy practicing! Hope to see you Sunday! (Dec 3)



Thank you for an excellent lesson!

You know the tutti section of the 2nd Violin part quite well. For good ensemble playing, you need to also know the Violin 1 part ( or at least what Violin 1 is doing) particularly during counterpoint section. Please practice the violin 1 part starting in mm5. Also, when you play the 2nd violin countersubject, hum the violin 1 part and keep thinking the subdivisions. We will practice this more next lesson. I will have the score next lesson. Hurray, it finally arrived!

So, next lesson we will look at ritornello form and important sections in Bach Double in the score!

Mm 38 to 41. Practice the new fingerings slowly. Martele and detache bow strokes as in first solo section. Next lesson we will discuss remaining sections. Happy practicing!

Hope to see you Sunday! ( Dec3 ).



Thank you for an excellent lesson!

Long, long ago: theme is excellent! Just pay attention to crescendo and decrescendo. Contrast between mf and f. Variation: play with hooked bowing. Let bow flow using nice bow speed. Finger pattern is 1st and 2nd finger close.

Pachelbel Canon: work on tricky bowing passage starting 3 bars after letter C. Count piece in 8th Notes.  We will discuss it next lesson. Nice opening. Good style.

Orchestra Music: very good playing overal in both pieces. Just practice tricky bowings slowly. Looking forward to your Concert!  Could you please get me a ticket for Thursday, Dec 8. Wednesday, Dec 7  is not good.

Music Theory: keep reviewing circle of 5th. Next lesson, I want to practice some scales. Please bring scales you are practicing at school. Happy practicing!

Hope to see you Sunday! ( Dec 3).