Hi Team,

Thank you to those of you that submitted on schedule.  The reports are signed and in your boxes, or at the front desk.  Review them with parents, as usual, to make sure they are aware of what is happening, and what is coming up, or simply invite them in to the Studio Days in a couple of weeks for a more personal overview.

Remember to not take (parental) musical term understanding for granted, and explain clearly what you are talking about.  Many of you are doing this excellently, and some could use a reminder :-)

For new team members, remember to take the time to review these with parents.  Also, you’ll notice – in some cases – that your text may be short, given the size of the report.  I recommend you review archived reports on Teachers Only to see how your colleagues are filling them in.

For those of you that did not submit on time, and will not find reports in your boxes or at the desk.  It is frustrating and time consuming that they were not submitted, and they are expected by Dec. 1.  Either way, this will significantly affect the stream of information relating to Studio Days and the Recital.  Going forward make sure you are aware of the dates.  They are in the calendar on Teachers Only, so there is no reason why your punctuality should be affected.

Overall, my impression of the reporting is that it is a little slimmer this autumn – in terms of content – than in the past.  Please remember what kind of message a minimal report sends: minimal interest in the student.  That is not in line with us.

Thanks, and see you in a week.