Hi Team,

Some important information for you.

Reports are due tomorrow by 11:59:59.

The recital date has been moved to 14 Dec.  Sign-up will be available in a week or two at the front desk.  If you are a new teacher, and would like to attend one or more of the sessions, you just put your name down on the sign-up sheet for the time(s) you are available, and then your students can come that one, or those if they like.  Remember this is optional for students, but if they are not playing, you should strongly encourage them to come and be an audience member for at least one of these, as that is also a part of a good music education.  You can/should enforce this with parents.  

Reminder that your self-evaluations are due on the 14th of December.  I am in the process of re-developing them, so I will let you know when they are available.  They will most likely be online this time, which should partially reduce yet another use of paper at ABC…we’ll see how I work that out!