Hello Everybody!

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get enough interest to run Music Together classes this summer.  If you had indicated your interest hopefully you’ve heard from us individually by now about this.  If not, we are calling you soon.

What happens now?

There is a small chance we will run one class at one location, but we’ll reach out to you if this is a go.

Otherwise, we’ll be taking a break and preparing for the Fall classes to begin on or after October 12th.

Watch for an updated version of our schedule, as there will be some changes.

What can you do?

Once you get the new schedule, we invite you to register for the class you want for the fall.  We’ll offer a refund guarantee for everyone if we are restricted from doing classes.

Your registration and sharing of our activity in your community will help us get back on our feet this fall.  Thanks in advance for your consideration!



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