Work on You’ll Never Walk Alone this week, especially the mid section (before it goes really high).  Work on making a very nasal sound but be gentle.  Before you do this though, make sure you’re warmed up.  Do gentle vocalising, emphasising making a nasal sound.  Make your vowels very pure and use all your air for each time you sing an exercise.  You have a sweet voice and I can hear your strengths showing through now that we’re getting to know each other.  Be sure to get the sheet music printed off for next week!  Pick two or three songs, anything you want.  We want to building up a song list.  I look forward to seeing you soon! :)

You are always growing every week I see you.  I appreciate your focus and commitment to making good music.  You have a very keen sense of performance.  Keep up the good work.  Next week we’ll start looking at looking at some fundamentals of reading music.  I look forward to it!  See you soon!

I hope you feel better soon.  It’s difficult to ask one’s voice to grow in strength when we are under the weather.  I think doing some focus on rudiments of reading music is a good direction to go in.  If you are interested we could talk about music theory/rudiments books to work out of. See you soon!

Great work Nicole! Halo is so cool, we’ll figure out a form for it to shorten it.  Try singing it at different volume levels. See how strong you can make all the vowels and consonants. Pick a couple of songs from the jazz standards book I lent you.  Your voice is getting stronger!  Remember the warm ups!  See you soon!