Hi students and parents!

Remember that we don’t have a lesson next week! I’ll see you all in TWO weeks!

Jacinto: Practice the figure we talked about, and COUNT in sixteenth notes while you do. You will not always have to count out loud but it really helps at first. See if you can count out loud while playing along to Back in Black with your headphones!

Ezra: Invent different phrases that take up the length of a dotted quarter note, or 3 8th notes, and loop them over the barline. 2 bars of groove, 2 bars of pattern. 4 bars of groove, 4 bars of pattern. PLEASE remember to keep your hihat going on quarter notes, count out loud, or (ideally) both. It will help you keep track of where you are in the music. It is VERY easy to get lost while playing dotted figures, especially if you don’t have your left foot keeping you grounded.

Chloe: Practice the figures I gave you! Count out loud! Get the Syncopation book and try reading the figures on page 37!

ALL STUDENTS: Please acquire a copy of Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer by Ted Reed. No big rush, but we will be working with this book! You can find it on my teacher page: https://music-lessons.ca/teachers/david-zada/