-Warmups (30 sec each)
          -New Warm Up Song: Enemy
          -8 on a hand
          -Singles; doubles; paradiddles
          -Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
-Basic Beat
          -Level 5 – woohoo! Well done
          *Ride Pattern Exercise
                  RH ride-> RH Crash -> RH Hihat -> RH Ride -> LH Crash -> LH hihat
-Fruit Salad game
          -Add lychee and blueberry this week
worksheet: Alfred Lesson 2
          -Way to go! Think about the fruits that match each rhythm
          *This week, learn the Combination Study at the bottom of the page
          Musical Alphabet
          C Major Scale
          note reading: lines and spaces in treble clef


*Stick Control Ex. 33-42** (120bpm)
          *Ex. 40 needs some work – pay extra attention thi sticking
          *No accents with these ones
-Paradiddles Exercise
          ***Please practice this this week
Joel Rothman *Lesson 13, rock beats AND exercises above *Finish these off (6-10) this week.
          *Please practice these this week
          *You must practice these slowly at first to make sure the rhythm is correct. If you go to fast, it gets jumbled up. So, start slow and                 CAREFULLY increase the speed
          -Ex. 1 and 2 from Lesson 1 in the GH Green book
          G Major Scale
          F Major Scale


          -8 on a hand exercise (three speeds, 30 sec each speed)
          -Single Stroke Roll (R-L-R-L….) playing smooth, even, controlled strokes (30 sec)
          Double Stroke Roll (R-R-L-L…)
-Basic Beat
          -LEvel 3.5 – good!
          **Level 4
                  -The same as 3.5, but now use your Left Foot to play a hihat “chick” on “2” and “4” – the same time as your snare drum
-Fruit Salad game (Pear, apple, strawberry, watermelon)
          Come up with your own fruit salads by combining four fruits
*Alfred Lesson 1 (in google drive)
          *Combination Exercise (stems-up notes only)


          -Stick Control ex. 1-13 (Please print this from the google drive)
          -Flam, flam accent, flam tap, flamacue (30 sec each)
          -Paradiddle ex. (1min)
          -Ride pattern exercise
-Bossa Nova
          Great work
          *Now do some variations: three-note groupings on the ride; hihat open/closed
*Bill Withers: Use me
          *Listen for the chorus/vocal section – what changes?
          *to work on your Hihat splashes, use ex. 3 from Drumset Musician p. 11 (in the Google Drive) playing open hihats on:
                  1) the “and” of “4”
                  2) the “and” of “2”
                  3) the “and” of “3”
                  4) on “3”
                  **each hihat splash should only last an eighth note