*NEW* O Canada. The phrases that I circled are when the melody gets passed to the LH, you’ll need to play the LH louder in these parts so the listener can hear the melody. Trust your reading skills and go slow and steady.

– Canon is sounding great! Practice the LH fingering for the B chord a bit on its own just to get the 121 fingering nice and smooth (it’s tricky putting thumbs on black keys).


– Moment Musicale. Decide on the best fingering for you and write it in to stay consistent. LH is all staccato, be very particular about the different articulations.


Indiana Jones with two half notes in the LH per bar. You can do it!! Push through the challenge and reap the rewards!

*NEW*  Mist. I wrote in the names of the chords in the LH since they are all triads, it is good pattern recognition to connect how the notes look and the name of the chord. Notice the 8va section, you will play the written notes but one octave higher. Begin hands separate at a comfortable tempo, counting 1-2-3 aloud.

– Last half of Going Undercover. We talked about how the hands play together on the downbeats and that means that the RH Cs are always alone/in between.


Melodic Minor scales. The only scales that are different both directions!! Going up they have the 6th and 7th notes that would be found in the major scale (so “raised”) and descending they have the 6th and 7th from the plain minor scale (so “lowered”). E minor melodic would be played EF#GABC#D# and then going back down would be EF#GABCD.

– On the Right Lines. I drew in phrase markings to draw your attention to the patterns repeating. The LH motive says in G for 4 bars before moving to C for 2 and then back to G. Kudos to you for counting slowly and getting the syncopated notes accurately placed. Continue this method of practice, but perhaps loop 4 bars at a time to make quicker progress of the groove as a whole.

Crocodile Teeth. We fixed the opening rhythm, how’s its notated can be misleading, but I wrote counts in below the quarter notes, ensure they receive their full value. We also wrote in a few note names that were being played incorrect. Great evenness and general mood!


– Lead Sheet in book HT. During the 4th beat of each bar, move your LH to its new chord so that you are ready to play beat 1 perfectly on time. Go slow enough that you can find success playing this song hands together.

*NEW* Take Me Out To The Ball Game. This is a nice simple arrangement of the melody. Make sure to count in 3. Once you’ve got this down we can add our own flair and make a cool arrangement!