Drums: “We will Rock You”
Djembe: Zelda themes (Talus Battle; Guardian Battle)
Counting in 3 “1 2 3”
–On the djembe, we practiced playing the low tone on “1”. How would we do that on the drumset?
–We can come up with many different patterns in 3. How many can you make that use a low sound on “1”?


Warm-ups (2 min each):
–“repeat after me” rhythms and jamming
–Singles, doubles, paradiddles
–practicing the fill rhythms
Survivor – Eye of the Tiger –whole song!**
–Great work! Now we can play through the whole song. You know all the parts, it’s just about putting them in the right order
–Play the “hippopotamus” fill moving around the drums (snare-high tom-med tom-low tom) and ending on the snare!


Warmups (1min each):
–Triplet Ex. 125bpm**
–Sixteenth-note Ex. 105bpm**
–***Ride pattern exercise with basic beat (RH ride–>RH hihat–>LH ride–>LH hihat) two measures each
–Learn ex. 1-2 from p33 (in the google drive) playing the written line on the snare with the swing beat underneath***
Van Halen: Jump
–Play everything up until the end of the first verse
–Next week, we’ll learn the next section. Feel free to go ahead and start learning it on your own