Hi everyone! Welcome and welcome back!!! So glad to see my returning students and to meet the new ones, it will be a great year! Here are some things I would like you to look over in order to prepare for our next lesson.

Ella- Work on the Black Parade intro so it is comfortable. Ty to work it up from 65 to 80 over the week by increasing the metronome a bit each day. Do the same with the fast beat going from 100 to 140.

Eric- Solidify what we worked on in I Want to Hold Your Hand by practicing it along with the song at full tempo. It ios quick but you can do it! This will help your endurance. Try to keep moving forward through the song and learn any other beats he does. We will learn the rest of the fills during our next lesson (but feel free to explore them on your own!).

Jonah- Practice the rhythms I wrote out for you today and try to be able to play them for next week. You’re already getting it so well!!

Sylvie- Work on the opening rhythm to Spice nice and slow (the one I wrote out on your sheet). Separate it into small chunks then put them together. When you have that down, try to work on Fill #1 on its own, then try incorporating it into the disco beat (beat, then fill, then straight back into the beat).

Koel- Work on your hand to hand (RLRL and LRLR) as well as the paradiddles and flams. Keep your hands nice and loose like you do and make sure to check every now and then that your wrists are flat. Keep trying to get a nice rebound off of the drum head like we talked about today. Also take a look at the two rhythms I wrote out on your sheet and try to have those ready for next week.

Thanks a lot for putting in the time and effort towards improvement. If any parents or students have questions at any point about what we talked about in lessons or how to practice, please be in contact with the ABC desk and they will pass it along. Looking forward to seeing where this year takes us!!

See you all next week,