Hello Everybody!

We are nearing the end of winter, and the Sticks and Tiger (Rhythm Kids) collections, and are very excited about the upcoming and newly refreshed Maracas and the new Sea Turtle collection.

Remember, your spot is reserved and your billing will continue to the end of the school year, unless you have arranged otherwise.

Unsure about dates? Click here for the schedule.

Is Your Little One Turning 4?

If your child is turning 4 now through the middle of May, they may be ready for Rhythm Kids.

Rhythm Kids is an extension and hybrid of the Music Together program that starts to introduce more advanced concepts, instruments, games, movement, home video lessons, and more. It’s a blast!

Visit the Rhythm Kids page of our website for information, video, and song samples.

If you want to try a class or switch over for Spring, give us a call in the office right away.


As we approach the end of the school year, please remember our registration policies which specify that withdrawals are not permitted in May or June.

If you have any concern that your schedule may change or have a substantial alteration after the start of April, we recommend that you consult the office before the end of March to make sure you will not be on the hook for all of spring billing. Thank you!