Please click the link below to see our make-up schedule for the last week of June:


  • You must confirm your time by phone: 416-651-7529. Please leave a voicemail with your confirmation or adjustment request if you don’t reach us in person.
  • If you do not confirm you will lose your make-up(s).
  • While we try to stay on top of make-ups, there are limited opportunities in our schedule so take care to consider this in advance end of the school year.
  • Please also note we are constrained with Human Resources due to COVID-19, and are replying more slowly than normal as a result. Your prompt response may mean the difference between having or missing your lesson this spring make-up session.
  • Your lesson time may not be the same as normal, may be longer, and you may have additional days/times.  Take care to see you don’t miss this.
  • REMEMBER, this is the last opportunity to have your owed lessons for this school year – they do not carry forward past the end of June.

We look forward to hearing from you!