Great to see everyone this week! Your pieces are all coming along really well, all of you :) Please see below for homework suggestions:


-Vacation Days – practice the RH this week, and if you’re feeling ambitious, try it hands together!


-the exercise on pg 61 of the green warmup book–concentrate on forward lips for the “oo”, and relaxed jaw on the “ee”. As you move higher into your range, modify the vowel!
-She’s Like the Swallow — think of the “3-step process” for an open sound in the higher areas. (1. Sing the phrase on a vowel like “oh” or “ah”. 2. Sing the phrase on only the vowels of the words. 3. Add the consonants/sing the words as written.)


-Try to print out a copy of Feelin’ Good
-When practicing, remember that slow and steady is a good thing! No problem with slowing it down to get a hang of the rhythm.
-While focusing on the walking bass line (LH), you can stay on a Dm chord in the RH.
-Practice the actual RH chords separately


-Can you beat your 22 second record for blowing out the candle?
-Try out the “book on the tummy” exercise, breathing in for 4 counts, and then exhaling for 4, or 8 counts; try not to let the book get lower!
-Keep working on What’s My Name and Castle on a Cloud
-Here is my suggestion for a new song for you:
Take a look/listen to it (I just played a bit of accompaniment and the vocal melody as an example) and if you like it, then we can begin it next time!

See you all next week!