Hello Everybody!

This is an important note, so please be sure you read it.


Registration forms are now at the Front Desk.  You can call the office to book your time!

In an exciting new development for our recitals, it looks like we will be live-streaming!  This means that far-away relatives can tune in over the internet to see you play.  We expect to have more information on this shortly, but are really looking forward to this.

Timings and current student registrations are:

  • 3:00 – 1 spot left
    • Rock Band
    • Chloe McKergow
    • Olivia Barbosa
    • Gabriella Alvarez-Lewis
    • Matias Alvarez-Lewis
    • Madeleine Buckley
    • Simon Kotanen
    • Nathaniel O.
    • Gerardo Cardenas
    • Ahaan Sah
    • Mazin Cukic
  • 4:00
    • Rock Band
    • Benjamin Pinho
  • 5:00
  • 6:00 – 5 Spots left 
    • Ezra Levy
    • Asher Levy
    • Claire MacIver
    • Aidan Miller
    • Cathy C.
    • Chiara Rocca
    • Jeffrey Yang

Location will be at the Root Down studio, located at 225 Geary Ave.  More information is forthcoming, but enjoy this panoramic photo of the space, for now.


Click to see a larger version of the image.

Re-Registration and Summer

Re-registration for Fall Lessons and Summer Lesson registration will start at the recital.  Schedule for the Summer will be sent shortly, in a separate note about Summer.

Week 1 of Registration

Week 1 from the 15th-22nd of May is our VIP Priority Re-registration for existing students, and will be to re-book existing time-slots only.  We strongly urge you to do this, even if you want to switch or are unsure of your fall schedule, because it is easier to switch your time later than to reclaim a spot you may have given up.

Week 2 of Registration

Week 2 of Registration will run from May 23-30 and will be open to existing students that wish to switch their time.

After Week 2 of Registration

After the 2 weeks of Priority registration, registration opens to anyone.  For this reason, we encourage you to take your time within this period.

Fees Update

Thanks to a great effort from our family community, we are going to have a reduced increase.  Originally we were looking at ~15%, but are now at 7.5% for all programs.  This is a result of a 34% reduction in our credit card billings, thanks to you!  It is never too late to switch, and your participation in this method of payment has a tangible ongoing impact on your fees.  It has been 2 years since our last increase.

Click to see the new schedule of rates.

Please Note:  September Lessons will be billed June 1st to hold your spot.  If you need some other accommodation for your billing, just let us know.

Softening the Fee Increase

We’re aware that fee increases suck, so we are going to offer 2 ways to ease you into it for the coming year.

#1 Register for Summer and Fall in May and get 10% off Summer

When you register for the Fall and Summer lessons in May, we’ll give you 10% off the Summer.  September will need to be paid for to receive this offer.

#2 Pay for all of 2016-17 up-front for 5% Savings

If you choose to pay for all of your 2016-17 Lessons in June, we’ll give you those lessons at a 5% Discount.