Dear Tai

This week focus on memorizing Spanish Caballero, make sure you’re keeping your arpeggios even

you can also review your other songs : Time Machine (include dynamics)

Dragon Hunt (keep even beat)

Pagoda in the Purple Mist (with pedal)

A Day at the Carnival


(Try to practice 15 – 20 min a day)


Dear Carmen


Hope you can remember your new song : “Star in the Sky”? :)

Keep working on Ice Cream

Music Star

Ready to Play

– and improvising!

(Try to practice 10 min a day)


Dear Gemma,


Good job memorizing!!! Still focus mainly on Sonatina in G major (keep memorizing hands apart and together, in sections and SLOW tempo)

The Song of Twilight : all quarter notes the same value (count your 16th notes), make sure all your left hand chords are correct

Gigue a l’Angloise : keep even beat all throughout the song (same as the first line)

The Witches and the Wizards : pedal, watch ritardando at the end

The Butterfly : practice in slow, medium and fast tempos, with the book and by memory

All covered scales and triads

(try to practice 30 min a day)


Dear Jessie,


Rigadoon in A minor : practice with even pulse (measures 12 and 18 watch the last quarter note)

Dream Catcher: keep memorizing hands separately and hands together, left hand with pedal

German Dance : keep reviewing (second half bring out the melody in your right hand)

Studies : practice in medium tempos and even beat


Scales : D, A , B flat, E flat major

b, g , c minor (harmonic and melodic)

chromatic starting on c

c minor formula pattern

(try to practice 30 min a day)



Dear Nathalia,

New songs for this week:

Allegro Skids

Mozart’s Pets

Go tell auntie Rhodie, also Variation

Night of Stars

(good job on Cinderella’s Waltz!  make sure you play evenly)


(try to practice 10 -15 a day)