Hi Team,

We have, on occasion, had the situation where a student wants to stop lessons, and tells the teacher, but not the desk.  Obviously, if the desk does not know, they will just keep getting charged.

When someone, be it parent or student, tells you they are stopping, it is very important that you very clearly and assertively tell them that you have nothing to do with payments, and that they (the parent, or person paying for lessons) must speak to, or call the desk.  Don’t let them make it your problem.  If they are not sure about how things work, you can always direct them to the website, where they can find our policies and procedures (assuming desk staff are unavailable).

I believe strongly in teaching our parents how we expect them to interact with us – at a high professional level.  When they start to put things on to you as teachers, and if you start to accept responsibility for even the smallest of things, it erodes our structure of accountability to the desk.  Remember, that structure is there as much to protect you from problems (and paperwork), as it is to work well for the student.

If there are ever procedures that you feel could be improved upon in these matters, be sure to let me know.