Dear Families,

Thank you very much for your support and patience during a challenging time for us all.  We are grateful that we can continue to operate during this time, and hope that we are delivering our usual high-quality experience to you and your families.

We are now starting our seasonal registration, as per normal.  Details follow below.

Making Summer Easy + Bonus Free ‘Campfire’ Guitar/Uke 10-Week Session

We hear you – this public health situation has been challenging. We have been very keen to ensure that students and families have easy access to an outlet that brings you structure, satisfaction, some fun and a sense of connection right now.

To that end, we have a terrific offer that we think you’ll like:

Book your Summer and Fall classes at the same time, and we’ll give you 10% off your regular Summer class pricing. You’ll save a little cash while reserving your preferred Fall lesson time, plus we’ve got a great summer bonus for you…

Join us for our new Campfire Summer Sessions for Guitar and Ukulele for FREE! We’d like to offer you and anyone in your family unlimited access to these special online group guitar classes. Anyone can participate, and no experience is required! All you’ll need is a Guitar or Ukulele to join in. Campfire Summer Sessions will be an easy, fun program for any beginner in your home. Play along with us for 10 weeks starting in July – you can participate as often or as little as you like. You’ll learn two new songs each week and you’ll have access to music PDFs and previous classes through a special online portal, which we’ll link to your existing class portal.

Here are the options for this registration cycle: 

#1Summer + Fall
•10% Off Summer
•Campfire Summer Sessions 10 Week Session FREE
•Pay for October Now
#2Fall Only
•Pay for October Now
#3Campfire Summer Sessions Add-On
•5 Week Session for $127.77/family
•10 Week Session for $229.99/family - SAVE 10%

EXTRAS THIS SUMMER: Normally the summer would run 7-9 weeks, depending on the day that you would have your in-person classes, and you would pick a pass for the full session, or 5-6 sessions. Since we are going to continue to be digital this summer, we are able to offer a full 10-week cycle as a bonus! Combined with your unlimited weekly classes and on-demand viewing, this is a rich offering to help you boost your summer activities.

Billing for Fall & Summer

As usual, we are going to ask for payment for October to reserve your spot.  We will, as always, be able to be flexible and offer to defer, if necessary.

If we are not able to run classes in the fall in our normal, in-person way, then your October payment will be a deposit on Fall, and the balance will be set for November 1st.

Billing for Summer programs will occur July 1st, and will be $183.16, same as the Spring. If your family requires any flexibility in this area, please let us know.

The Importance of Summer, Now More Than Ever

As weekday and outdoor activities are going to be very limited this Summer, we encourage and ask you to consider Music as a primary activity to maintain structure, skill development, and a focal point for keeping self-esteem and human interaction high.

Campfire Summer Songs Schedule

Stay tuned for an exact schedule of songs week-to-week.  In the meantime, here is a tentative list we are working from! 

This schedule is subject to change at any time and is just a mock-up at this time.

Summer Class Schedule

The following is our tentative Summer schedule, and is subject to change:

We’ll call you shortly to confirm your registrations.

As with the Spring, all classes will be recorded and available on-demand.


Please call the office directly at 416-651-7529, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!