Recommended minutes to practice: 15 -20 minutes a day

What to practice: Middle C March, A Ten Second Song, and Driving the G Clef; Beyblade Burst Turbo, Beyblade Burst Evolution (triads only)

How to practice it most effectively: For the 3 Piano Adventures songs, we are now reading music on the grand staff! Treble clef is for RH, and bass clef is for LH. Most of these songs are RH only, and use middle C (floating below the staff with a line going through it) and G (important note, 2nd line of the staff). You may read ahead beyond these 3 songs if you’d like! For Beyblade Burst Turbo, continue playing the first 2 lines with RH and LH together, but spend some extra time really solidifying the RH melody for the next two lines. I’ll link the tutorial video below. I’ll also link the lyric video so you can start trying to sing along to this song! The Beyblade Burst Evolution, the LH chords we learned are E major (E-G#-B), F# major (F#-A#-D#), G# minor (G#-B-D#), and B major (B-D#-F#). Please practice playing these chords in order with your LH.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15-20 minutes a day

What to practice: G major triads (one hand at a time), Rockin’ Robin

How to practice it most effectively: The G major triads are in the same family as the F major ones (so will have the same shapes and fingerings), except that now the 3 letters are G-B-D. Please make sure you’re using fingers 1-3-5 except for RH 1st inversion and LH 2nd inversion. For Rockin’ Robin, we are doing the A and B sections hands together – you can start speeding the first page up! Bars 13-16 on the 2nd page of the B section could use a little extra attention. RH only, please read ahead into the C section – the phrases are only 2 bars long, so you can isolate them like so: bars 17-18, then 19-20, etc.). There are lots of skips in this section, so watch out for line to line and space to space movement!



Recommended minutes to practice: 10-15 minutes a day

What to practice: Who’s On Third, Mexican Hat Dance

How to practice it most effectively: For both of these songs, please say the letter names out loud while playing. Remember your hands are always in C position, which means each finger has one note to be responsible for. Make sure you stay in this position for the whole song! This week, please memorize the important notes: for RH it’s G (2nd line of the treble clef), and for LH it’s F (4th line of the bass clef). Be careful with which direction the melody is moving in, as well as holding half notes for the full 2 beats.

**I will need photos of all pages beyond “Rock Song” as we move forward in this edition of the book – if you could please upload them to my teacher Google Drive that would be great, thank you!