Teacher Invoices


Welcome to the invoicing page.  This tool is designed to save you some time.  Many values are automatically calculated, transferred ahead to the next month (by time of year – Winter, Summer, Fall) and should make your lives easier.  Read the ‘Read Me’ section completely in the files.

Option 1

Download the excel file and use it to track your invoicing over the course of the year.  This is helpful, as it allows you to keep a record on-hand.  I have laid out a Summary page for your convenience when tax time comes and you need to declare a value for income earned.

Option 2

This option is currently unavailable, please check back in 2013.

Download the Google-formatted invoice file.  This file is for those of you that do not have Microsoft Excel included on your computers. You can take this file and upload it to Google Docs. It is formatted to work exactly the same in Docs as it would in Excel.  Google Docs is a free service and will only take a couple of minutes to set up. If you have any questions or require some assistance with this, please let the front desk know. You can use your existing email with the service, but it is recommended that you get yourself a Google Gmail address. The suggested format is “firstname.lastname”.


Procedure for all Invoicing

Invoices are due and accepted at the end of the month.  Invoices not received by the first of the next month may not be processed in a timely manner, as they are typically done as a batch.

  1. Fill in the complete information in all areas of your invoice.  Invoices not completely filled out may be rejected.
  2. Enter your Students’ names.
  3. Select the values for the lesson lengths, and number of lessons taught this month.  A legend of codes is provided for your reference.
  4. Invoices may be submitted electronically by email, either as a file, or as a PDF (preferred).  Otherwise, please print 2 copies of this invoice; One for your records and one for ABC.  Submit both, and one will be returned to you with your cheque.