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Project Description


Guitar • Bass • Rock Band

Leandro “Leo” Marcondes is an experienced music teacher and well-rounded musician who brings not only a formal academic background to the table but also a wealth of professional musical experience. Leandro has been teaching music since 1994, including 9 years teaching in Public Schools, where he had the chance to teach children and young students of a wide age range. Leo has a Bachelor Degree in Music Education and also studied with Hans J. Koellreutter, professor of Antonio Carlos Jobim among others. Therefore Leandro’s academic and professional backgrounds have provided him with the foundations of what it means to be a good teacher. Not only is Leandro patient and kind, but he also motivates his students and inspires in them a love for music.

As a professional guitar/bass player and singer, Leandro has worked with many great musicians over the last 20 years. This includes more than 9 years of collaboration with Peter Madcat Ruth, one of the greatest harmonica players of our time, who recorded and toured with the legendary Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond and Garry Mulligan in the 70s; and won a Grammy Award in 2005. Madcat speaks very highly of Leandro. “I can confidently say that Leandro is one of the finest musicians I have played with in terms of his professionalism, focus and follow-through. It has been a great pleasure to work with Leandro all these years and I strongly recommend him to any position that matches his qualifications and interest.”

In addition to his formal academic background, Leandro has performed with many bands from a wide range of music genres such as Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk, Reggae, Country, Latin and Brazilian Music. Leandro is also an active songwriter and music producer.


Hobbies: Films, cooking and watching soccer games.

Musical influences: Chet Baker, Rocco Prestia, Jaco Pastorius, Paul McCartney, Jeff Buckley, Peter Gabriel, Lindsay Buckingham, Radiohead, Claude Debussy, Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Cole Porter, George Gershwin

Favourite food: Japanese, Italian and Indian

Least favourite food: Vietnamese, beef and pork

Favourite music: I like different genres of music varying from cool jazz to rock.

Favourite song: Paul McCartney’s “Junk”, Peter Gabriel’s “In your eyes” and Cole Porter’s “So in love”.

Favourite movie: Blade Runner, 2001 and The Village

Favourite movie music: High Fidelity & Dancer in the Dark.

Favourite musical theatre/opera: Jesus Christ Superstar / Porgy and Bess

Best quote from your teacher: “Try it until you’re able to teach it” and “Nothing is impossible unless you believe it is”.

Latest Homework from Leandro

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Homework of the week – April 11


You should read and review the concept of intervals. Particularly you should review seconds and thirds, minor and major. These intervals should also be played as suggested. You should play Amazing Grace at the Hal Leonard book as well.



Luke should keep on playing/practicing the 12-bar blues structure on different keys, using the suggested patterns. He should also practice alternating these patterns throughout a same progression. Luke should also play the bass theme to Pink Floyd’s Money. Focus on the 7/4 time signature and on the use of the hand shape including the 4th finger.



Shaurya should review the notes on 1st and 2nd strings of the guitar. Focus on each note’s placement on the staff, respective position on the fingerboard and appropriate fingering. Using these guidelines, he should also practice playing “World beat” as per written on the separate piece of paper.



Veronika should keep on practicing Minuet in G and well as fingerpicking technique applied to “Time of your life”

Hello Leo’s students!

Welcome to this first homework post, which we hope will come more regularly on an ongoing basis.  We’ve been rolling this out this year, and while this one comes via Barnaby (hello!), Leo should be sending them shortly and regularly!  If you have any questions, you can let us know!




Practice Yankee Doodle at the book, remember to keep the correct fingering for the left hand and on the right hand she should alternate index and middle fingers, leaning them on the upper strings. She should also keep on practicing C and G chords, but now – if possible – building the chords by memory and not referring to the charts. She can be supervised by Mom or Dad for the correct finger positions. She should also strum four patterns per chords.


Practice “Highway”, the whole song. His main focuses should be the chord changes, which strings should be ‘blocked’ in each one of the chords (strings to be blocked are marked as X at the chords) , and what are the lowest string to be played in each chord (the bass to the chord, marked with a circle).


Play “Day Tripper”, the whole song. The main focus should be the fingering on the riff and especially on the last four measures – the same riff but in B. That particular part can only be played with the proper fingering, since it doesn’t follow the open string pattern of the ones in E or A. He should also follow the song structure as it’s written. If necessary, he should refer to the recording online. For this option, please make sure it is the studio version.


Practice the first part to “Greensleeves”, the first eight measures. He should focus on the left hand fingering. It’s the most efficient way to play this song. He should also practice “Layla”, the whole song: making sure the parts are well connected, the Intro/Chorus rhythm is right and that the “swing” fell is added. Please pay attention to the song structure as well.


Practice “Mood for a day”. The main focus now is going to be between bars 20 and 43. The suggested fingering should be followed throughout the whole piece. Since this is a challenging song by itself, this is the only way it can be played efficiently. For a change, he should also think about a song he wants to learn in the upcoming lessons.


Practice “Time is on my side” and “Grand finale” at the book. Main focuses are the rhythm, reviewing all the notes on the six strings of the guitar, with their respective fingering; and the pentatonic minor scale (“Grand Finale”).


You should practice “Nobody knows when you’re down and out”, the whole song, at the EC Songbook. Also review the concepts approached throughout the song: secondary/independent dominants, syncopation and expanded blues structures. Please bring the mentioned songbook and any other one you intend to work with for the next lesson.

Hello Rockers!

The timings for this coming Saturday’s gig are:

12:00 – Rock Band I (Jay’s Group) • 11:15 call time for soundcheck

12:30 – Rock Band II (Leo’s Group) • 12:15 call time, no soundcheck necessary

1:30 – Rock Band I (Jay’s Group)

2:00 – Rock Band II (Leo’s Group)

Rawlinson School is at  231 Glenholme Ave., York, ON M6E 3C7.

Don’t Forget

If you play Bass or Auxiliary Percussion, you will need to bring the equipment with you from ABC.  Be sure you do that – because they will not be brought for you.  Thanks.

What’s Next?

Both groups continue with regularly scheduled rehearsals until June 23.  We may do make-ups if necessary, which we’ll update you on as we prepare for the make-up week.

There may be new members, or member shuffling in both groups in June as we get set up and test for new groups next year.

We’ll also be calling to ask you if you would like to continue in the Fall (you can call us about this, too).  We are looking at moving both groups to Sundays for next year, in the late afternoon, and early evening.


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