Hello Everybody!

We have decided to run a test of a new system to allow you to engage with the ABC OFFICE by text message.  This test will run in two phases, Summer and School Year.

Over the summer we will see how effective this is at removing barriers to communication, with the hopes that this will speed up interactions during business hours.  Remember that we are not open Friday through Monday during the summer.  At the end of the summer we will decide if we continue to use this system for the school year, to evaluate if the benefits are manageable and enhance your experience and service.

The phone number for 2-way texting will be 226-799-4939.  We suggest you add this to your contact card for ABC in your mobile phones and designated it ‘Office Texting Only’.

It is our hope that this will improve the speed and quality of our interactions and your experience with us.  We invite you to offer feedback on this as we test it.  Please note that while we hope this will work and make things better for you, we cannot guarantee that we will continue to use this beyond the summer, or the school year if we find it does not contribute enough improvement to everyone.

Thank you!


The ABC Team