As the demand for quality online music education is growing, we have been rising to meet it. We offer high-quality courses and world-class instructors that are technologically forward and seek to deliver the best experience. Here are the three biggest take-aways and learnings from the Pandemic for us:

  1. Online Private Music Lessons Are About 90% as Good as In-Person Learning

The experience for almost all of our students has been almost entirely the same as being in the same room. The biggest gap is being able to do things together at the same time. For all but the most advanced students, this is not a big deal, and there are ways around it, such as pre-recorded segments to play along with outside of the lesson.

Online private music lessons are now becoming popular all around the world, especially with people who can’t afford to travel or live close to an expensive city. For parents that are juggling a home or work life with more than one child or an extremely busy schedule, online music lessons are ideal. They allow kids to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. This also provides flexibility to do lessons online on-demand when schedules occasionally get too complicated to manage everything in person.

  1. Unlike Online Classes, Private Online Music Lessons Are Highly Engaging, Stimulating and Beneficial

When it comes to lessons, a private lesson is hands down the most personalized experience available. With a private lesson, you are able to request an instructor who will work with you one-on-one for your set amount of time and will cater your learning experience to your skill level and needs. You cannot find this same level of customization when taking online classes – teachers cannot split their time and give you the attention you need in a class online. In a class setting, interaction is highly limited and impersonal. In a private instruction setting, it’s 100% engaged and interactive – you have to participate! Private music lessons provide an interactive teaching experience that is tailor-made to the student’s individual needs. This type of one-on-one instruction is better suited for all students.

  1. The Routine of a Highly Focused Skill-Building Activity Stabilizes the Student and the Family

When a student has a stable routine of their highly focused skill-building activity, they are able to be more productive. This, in turn, helps the student and their families by bringing routine and stability to weekly schedules, and helping parents with predictable activities to occupy and better their children.

A study by University of Chicago psychologist Susan Levine found that kids have better grades, are less anxious, and have better relationships with family members when they have a stable routine. During the Covid-19 pandemic we heard this from our families, supported by continued high attendance and pursuit of lessons.

Conclusion? Online Music Lessons Are Here to Stay!

Online music lessons are also convenient for people who need to juggle work and family life while pursuing their musical interests as they can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. They can simplify and improve personal and family schedules with almost no loss in quality of the experience. While the in-person, human experience should still be the priority, online lessons are an amazing enhancement, and optional replacement to traditional learning when done right!