Hello lovely people! Hope you have a lovely and safe Halloween :)


You’re working on all of The Juggler this week. Remember all the crossing over notes are staccato and bouncy. Really good job!

Next week we’re going to tackle the Kite song on the next few pages, you can take a few peeks at it. How does playing 2nds with pedal sound different than 3rds with pedal? (The first gets muddier way quicker).

Recommended practice time: 20 minutes daily


I look forward to connecting with you next week <3


Awesome job preparing ALL your scales! They were nice and steady which is great. Spend time on your harmonic/melodic minors this week to get more fluent.

This week with Arctic Voices let’s focus on making it a connected performance. You made biggg growth on this last week so now pay attention to the dynamics, stretch the periods between notes a bit more where applicable. Make yourself see the “Northern Lights” from your performance. The opening LH notes can be thicker and take up a bit more space and time.

Recommended practice time: 30-35 minutes daily


You’re working on My Daydream this week, as much as you can. The half circles at the top of the page are to show what would be drawn if you had a laser pointer attached to the top of your wrist like an Iron Man gauntlet. You go *up* to a tall pinky to help it out. A collapsed pinky doesn’t play well. Keep your wrists loose throughout this whole beautiful piece in G.

Awesome job identifying notes today with me, enjoy your Halloween handout and remember what it says on Halloween night ;)

Recommended practice time: 20 minutes daily


You’re working on making The Planets extra beautiful this week. Use your damper pedal (the right one if you have multiple) and play quietly. This is to create the spacey feel. Pay extra attention to lines 3 and 4.

The next pages were a lot of theory talk, I know. Look over page 41 and sing the “play, whole, whole, half, play, whole, whole, half” to understand the concept of the mathematical equation that makes major scales :) half steps mean that there will be no notes between those notes on the keyboard (E and F for example, or F# and G). whole steps mean that there’s a note between them on the piano. (C and D for example, or G# and A#). We will review this tons, don’t worry.

Recommended practice time: 20-25 minutes daily