“Allegro in D major”: Study the whole piece with the repetitions, at a moderate tempo and without stopping even if you make mistaes. Add the dynamics. Pay special attention to the crescendo in mm. 7-8.

“Ice Skaters”: Practice the first page with separate hands. Don’t forget to count in the bars where the left hand rests.


My First Piano Adventures pp. 60-61 “Shepperd, count your sheep”. Remember to count “2-3-4”  in the whole notes, and “2” in the half notes. Be careful with the changes between left and right hand.


Piano Adventures book 1: p. 11 “Sailing in the Sun”. Read as much as you can.

Over a C major chord, create or improvise a melody.


“Indian Song” , read the last two lines. For bars 1-8, start slow, so you don’t change the tempo when you get to bar 3.


Sonatina in C major: Gradually accelerate the tempo of the piece. It’s better if you use a metronome. Start at 88 bpm, and go up from there.
Start reading the second movement (pay attention to the key signature: it’s in F major).



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