Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful fall weather we’re having right now. And hoping all the kids are enjoying being back to school.


So nice getting to know you today! We went through my expectations for practice and set up a game plan.

Recommended minutes to practice:  10 – 15 minutes a day. We will be learning vocal warm-ups and starting her first song on Saturday, at which time she’ll have specific material to work on moving forward.

What to practice:  Linked here is the sheet music for the first song we’ll be working on together. Cardigan by Taylor Swift.

How to practice it most effectively:  At this stage, most effect would be listening to the song whilst looking at the sheet music. This will help her become familiar with what the music looks like on the page.

How parents can support practice: Ensure she is practicing safety and remind her to warm-up before practicing!


We’re moving forward with his prep for his Cardinal Carter audition, Today we focused specifically on choosing pieces he’d be most interested in learning for the audition.

Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day.

What to practice: Linked here is the sheet music for the two songs he was interested in – “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” and “Candle on the Water”.

How to practice it most effectively: At this point, it would be best to listen to the songs whilst looking at the sheet music to become familiar with what the music looks like versus how it sounds.

How parents can support practice: It would be extremely beneficial to see if he’ll sing for you. It’s important he becomes used to singing in front of people he trusts as he gets ready for his audition.


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