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Aurora’s Homework – June 22

Just a  reminder to please check the make-ups calendar and confirm or decline your make-ups for next week as soon as possible! Naiara Recommended minutes to practice: 10 + minutes a day What to practice: ”I Feel Pretty” to become as familiar with the song as you can be. How to practice it most effectively: Listen to the song over and over again [...]

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Aurora’s Homework – June 17th, 2023

Isla Recommended minutes to practice: 15 mins + a day What to practice: “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” placement How to practice it most effectively: As you practice the song, explore where you place the higher notes of the song. In class, we explored placement in different spots on our faces and in front of. Keep exploring this and let me [...]

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Aurora’s Homework – June 15th, 2023

Naira Recommended minutes to practice: At least ten minutes a day, if not more. What to practice: Practice your Italian for “Caro mio ben” and become more comfortable with the song. Learn “I Feel Pretty” How to practice it most effectively: For “Caro mio ben”, practice by listening to the phonetic track linked here and singing along with the piano track linked here. [...]

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Aurora’s Homework – June 1st 2023

Happy summer everyone! Naiara Recommended minutes to practice: Ideally we want to practice at least 10 minutes each day. More is always better, but 10 minutes is ideal. What to practice: Italian pronunciation and melody for “Caro mio ben”. I sent a pronunciation video and some tracks with your homework last week. Please refer back to them. Also, have a couple listens [...]

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Aurora’s Homework – May 20th, 2023

Sahira Great work today playing with the rhythms. This week, please practice by listening to and singing along with the song. Here is the song from the film: https://youtu.be/2v7QQbJO6aw And here’s a karaoke/instrumental for you to try when you feel comfortable and ready: https://youtu.be/MPuQDasStxg Naiara Great work today. Those high notes are starting to sound really beautiful. Keep exploring that [...]

2023-05-20T19:33:58-04:00May 20th, 2023|

Aurora’s Homework – May 18th, 2023

Hey everyone! Apologies on forgetting to post this sooner. It’s been a hectic few days. Naiara Excited to start our new Italian piece. I’m attaching all the links and information in today (Saturday’s) homework post, so it’s all in one place for you. Olivia Great work today, pushing yourself! All the high fives. As you practice this week, I want [...]

2023-05-20T19:22:09-04:00May 20th, 2023|

Aurora’s Homework – May 11, 2023

Naiara: Moon River/ Easy On Me - Today we started exploring belting technique. We need to create a big space when we belt so as to not squish our sound or hurt our vocal chords. The big challenge is breaking down the barriers we’ve put up so we can try new things. When you’re practicing this week, try sliding up [...]

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Aurora’s Homework – Apr 15, 2023

Hey folks! I hope you’re all enjoying the heat these days. Below is the homework for today, but I also wanted to quickly invite you all to a show I’m in this coming week and the next. The show is called “Emilie: La Marquise du Chatelet Defends Her Life Today”. It’s a funny drama about the scientific genius, Emilie du [...]

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Aurora’s Homework April 6th 2023

Hey folks! Below is the homework for this week. I also just wanted to take the opportunity to invite you all to attend a show I’m doing at the end of the month. It’s a play called Emilie: La Marquise Du Chatelet Defends Her Life Tonight. It’s about the 18th century brilliant scientist and noble Emilie du Chatelet who paved [...]

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Aurora’s homework – March 30th, 2023

Hi everyone! Naiara We began working through “Moon River” today. Here’s a link to your sheet music. Please spend some time learning it before we see each other this Saturday. Olivia Great work on “Jump!” We began working on O Canada today. Here’s a link to your sheet music. Remember - we’re singing it in C Major, so a little [...]

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