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    Lessons in Toronto

     Drum Lessons in Toronto

    We offer drum, drum kit, and percussion lessons for all ages both in-person and online at ABC Academy of Music in Toronto. Drum lessons are very popular with both our young and adult students. Drumming is possibly the best way to master essential musical skills like rhythm and timing which are highly transferable to other kinds of instruments. As a result, some people find it helpful to take drumming in addition to other kinds of instrumental lessons.

    Involving hands, eyes and feet, drumming is an excellent way to build coordination as well as bring structure to the brain through rhythmic exercises. Additionally, a large part of drumming culture is rooted in improvisation (in jazz, drum circles, etc.), which is an excellent way to foster creativity and imagination. Whether you are an adult or kid, drum kit lessons are lots of fun, and you can play almost any style of music – classical, jazz, country, rock, R&B, and pretty much anything else. And bonus, playing drums is a great workout and stress reliever!

    Getting Started with Drums

    At ABC, we believe in giving you the best possible foundation so you can play all that you are interested in.

    For young and beginner music students, drum sticks, a practice pad, and a basic drum method book are all that you need. Parents will be relieved to hear that, as it will keep volume down!

    As your drumming skills develop, however, you will eventually need a snare drum, progressing to a full drum kit. We will be happy to recommend a reliable retailer to set you up with the correct instrument for you.

    Call us with any more questions you have, or visit our free parent and music lesson resources page for helpful articles and tips on getting the most out of your music lesson experience.


    Meet Our Drum Teachers


    Chris Hull

    BMus (Wilfrid Laurier University) MMus (University of Alaska Fairbanks) Darmasiswa Certificate (Arts Institute of Indonesia Denpasar) MA Ethnomusicology (University of Toronto) PhD Ethnomusicology (University of Toronto) in-progress […]