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    Singing and Vocal Lessons in Toronto

    The advent of shows like American Idol and The Voice have made singing lessons a very popular choice with students of all ages. Whether you are aspiring to be a professional singer, training to try out for a musical or join a choir, or you just want to build confidence with your vocal proficiency on stage, singing and vocal lessons can help you develop a range of skills.

    ABC Academy of Music offers singing and vocal lessons for adults and kids at every skill level both online as well as in person at our school in Toronto.

    Getting Started

    Our friendly, professionally-trained singing and vocal teachers will help you learn to tap into your inner instrument to project your voice, support your breathing, and increase your vocal range. We can also help you prepare for university or college voice/singing auditions.

    Regardless of age, it is very important to have realistic expectations of your voice lessons. It is easy to damage the voice if proper care is not taken. For younger students, it is a very good idea to pair voice lessons with piano lessons to develop a good musical foundation. Since the voice is part of the body, special care must be taken to properly develop it and not to overextend the capabilities of the vocal cord’s muscles.

    Helping You Every Step of the Way

    Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we’ll help you learn at your speed every step of the way. We’ll work with you to set flexible, realistic goals each week and, move in the musical direction you’d like to go.

    Call us with any questions you may have, or visit our free parent and music lesson resources page for helpful articles and tips on getting the most out of your music lesson experience.


    The teacher is great – and I can see myself improving with each lesson.
    Jason Hogan, Adult Piano Student
    I would recommend ABC Academy for any student that wants to improve. I like it because I have improved my mark in Music at School.
    Richard Hastie, Baritone Horn Student
    I would like to thank ABC for making music so accessible for my four children, especially for the youngest one. They absolutely love their teachers and are learning quickly. I thought it would be harder to start piano and guitar, but ABC makes it simple.
    Axelle Vaughan, Parent of Ethan, Theo, Tessa, and Taï
    Awesome people and teachers. Strong programs. Fun teachers. Good hospitality.
    Katya Murphy, Clarinet Student
    ABC Academy is great because of the personal, individual lesson, as well as working at your own pace. I wouldn’t want to learn anywhere else!
    Matthew Shewaye, Guitar and Rock Band Student
    I really like my guitar lessons and teacher. I say all this because I think that playing guitar is fun. Also, when things get hard, I keep on practising every day – Practice Makes Perfect!
    Ayla Devlin, Guitar Student
    This school has taught me a lot – like how to sight-read and most of the notes in half a season, and the teachers are really nice and understanding. I’m happy I chose this music school overall.
    Fiona Estifanos, Guitar Student
    This school is awesome – there are nice and very helpful teachers.
    Michelle Novello, Student
    I’m 38 years old and I just started playing trumpet last summer. I’ve been studying with ABC the whole time and I have learned a ton, and had a great time doing it. My teacher is great and makes sure I work hard. Thanks to my teacher, ABC and the gang for making ABC such a welcoming place for an old dog like me to learn a new trick.
    Vladimir Jon Cubrt, Adult Trumpet Student
    ABC has provided my three children more than a top quality musical education. The committed, kind, and talented instructors have contributed to their development as people.
    Alejandra Bravo, Parent of Galya, Felix, and Oscar
    Along with teaching her the discipline required to play an instrument, ABC has provided her with an atmosphere in which she has discovered an infinite joy and appreciation of music. By joining the Rock Band program this year, she has also learned to appreciate the importance of working, in harmony, with others. Most of all, ABC is a FUN place to learn. Many thanks to the teachers and staff.
    Amanda Tower, Parent
    Great Teachers, Friendly and real Professional.
    Margaux Latrech, Flute Student
    My son began guitar lessons at the age of 5, with all the attention span one might expect of a 5-year old. I’ve been so impressed with the patience and good humour his teachers have displayed! Now 7, Simon loves playing music, especially at recitals, and I am a very proud mum :)
    Leslie Ambedian, Parent of Guitar Student Simon
    The teachers make sure you play the best that you possibly can.
    Sarah Shewaye, Violin and Rock Band Student
    I take Vocal and Piano lessons with different teachers and I’ve learned so much. All the teachers are nice to me as they’ve gotten to know me, and they always encourage me to learn new things.
    Sara Brandao, Voice, Piano, and Rock Band Student
    I love being at ABC Academy, it really inspires me to learn more music. I enjoy the violin and I like my teacher. Everyone who works at ABC Academy is nice. Love it.
    Emily Brandao, Violin Student
    We wanted to expose our son to music and what we got from ABC is a highly educated teacher who is teaching our son to aim higher, be confident, and play beautiful music. Our son loves the school.
    Usha Tomar, Parent of Guitar Student Shray
    Great teachers, Patient
    Suzie Dufour, Parent of Violin Student Marianne
    ABC has given my daughter Natina so much confidence performing in front of an audience. The director, instructors, and office staff are so positive. I highly recommend ABC to anyone, young or “older” when wanting to learn music.
    Anne-Marie Smith, Parent of Drum Student Natina
    I love that ABC Academy has: • Great Teachers • Make it Fun to Learn • Has Nice, Friendly People 5 out of 5!
    Rachel Lewars, Piano Student
    My son Owen is excelling as a bass guitarist thanks to the instruction at ABC. We really appreciate the professionalism of the teachers and the hands-on management of the school. It’s clear that the director truly cares about each student’s success.
    Kat Spiwak, Parent of Bass and Rock Band Student Owen
    The ABC Academy has given my daughter, Bernice, to appreciate what music – through her Violin – is all about. Through her experience, she has studied hard to learn her lessons well, and learned to be patient. In the process she has loved what the Academy has taught her.
    Rolly Benigno, Parent of Violin student Bernice

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