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19 October 2021

Next In-Person Teachers Start 25 October!

Hello Everybody! We have been safely rolling out the first round of our in-person lessons, and it looks like the second round will start without any delay on October 25th - scant days from now! The [...]

27 September 2021

25 August 2021

21 October 2021

Second Parent can now attend these locations!

Hello Everybody! As you know we have been taking a very careful approach to our Covid restart effort by limiting families to one parent per class. After hearing from and consulting with parents and teachers, the following locations will now be open to both parents attending: Wychwood Lawrence Park North Bramalea The second parent must upload their proof of vaccination before [...]

Welcome Back to classes!

Hello Everybody! We are so delighted to welcome you, or welcome you back to our Music Together classes.  It has been a long and strange journey, but we are confident that we will be in good shape to offer you fun, stable, in-person classes this school year.  Please read this very important email so you can participate easily from the start. [...]

27 September 2021

Quarterly COVID UPDATE: Re-Start Begins 4 October.

Hello Everybody! We are happy to report that we are ready to begin our re-start program to see you in-person, once again. We strongly encourage you to read the full re-start plan so you will be able to participate. Please read the program specific summaries below: Music Lessons You (the student) must be vaccinated to participate, and please upload your [...]

Learning an Instrument as an Adult

“I’m too old” ”I don’t have enough time” ”It’s too difficult” ”I can’t afford it” “I don’t have any musical talent” These are probably the five most common reasons we hear from people who tell us they’re unable to learn a new instrument as an adult.  However, anyone, regardless of age or skill level can learn to play an instrument [...]

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