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24 June 2018

Recommended Reading for Parents

Hello Everybody! We hope your summer is off to a great start, and want to give you some interesting, and compelling reading to about an increasingly important issue as it relates to adult behaviours with Screen [...]

June Make-Up Schedule & Summer/Fall Notes

Hello Everybody, Apologies for the lateness in getting the make-ups organized.  With my extended absence, things have been slightly slowed up. Please visit the continuously updated version of the schedule over the coming days.  We [...]

26 April 2018

Recital Update and Fall Program Excitement!

Hello Everybody! Click to view the updated our recital programming for Sunday, April 29th.  ONE WEEK LEFT!  You should register by Thursday May 26th (please), especially as times are limited! Fall Choir and Percussion Ensembles [...]

11 February 2018

Long Weekend Reminder

Hello Everybody! This is just a reminder that the Family day week is coming, and that some things are on, while others are not.  The details are: SATURDAY  -  YES Lessons, NO Rock Band, NO [...]

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18 January 2016

Watch the Star Wars Theme – Played on Organ!

Star Wars & Music Lessons Unsurprisingly, Star Wars is all the rage at the moment, with the latest instalment having smashed box office records, and still going strong in theatres. Musically, the main theme from Star Wars has always been a big deal, particularly with young kids learning musical instruments.  Thanks to 'The Force Awakens' this flame of interest is [...]

Safe Air at Home – Is Yours?

Here's a fascinating article from the BBC about how the most common scented products we use.  While safe by themselves, they can turn into potentially poisonous and life-threatening chemicals that could have adverse affects on ourselves and our families over time. It is easy to take our air safety for granted, assuming that regulatory bodies are protecting us.  While there [...]

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