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20 December 2023

Great News: Digital Studios Now Linked!

Hello Everybody! FarPlay has just been updated with some highly useful features for us. First, we now have waiting rooms.  This means that when you arrive a few minutes early to be ready for your lesson you will [...]

Fall Make-Ups: Sunday December 17th

Hello Everybody! Please click here to view the Fall make-up schedule. Remember, you must confirm or decline your lesson.  Please do so by Friday, December 15th, so that the office can optimize the schedule for the [...]

13 November 2023

FarPlay Update Available

Hello Everybody! FarPlay has just issued an update, and we ask that you please update this software now. The big update here is that screensharing will now be enabled, which will be very helpful for [...]

31 August 2023

FarPlay: “Completely Effortless”

FarPlay:  "Completely Effortless" says professional Flutist Emi Ferguson Hello Everybody! As you know we are going to be using for our lessons starting September 1st. Be sure that you have downloaded it, installed it, [...]

17 May 2024

Playing a musical instrument has a positive effect on teenagers

Let's discover together the positive effect of music on teenagers, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Whether you are a teenager or your kids are in their teens, this information is right for you!  Teenagers often experience a whirlwind of emotions and face various challenges as they navigate the transitional phase between childhood and adulthood. During this time, it's crucial to find healthy [...]

7 Reasons why music lessons really pay back!

Are you wondering about affordable Music lessons in Toronto, GTA and if they really pay back? Well, Music goes beyond a monetary investment!  Never the less, whether music lessons in Toronto are worth it and if they pay back in terms of benefits, largely depends on your personal goals and interests. Let's explore together about the reasons why music lessons [...]

19 April 2024

How music stimulates nearly every area of children’s brain

Do you ever wonder how to stimulate your baby’s or toddler’s brains and development? Check out this well informed advice, plus easy and affordable ways to reach that goal! Music has the incredible power to transcend language and culture, speaking to our souls in a way that words often cannot. For toddlers, this universal language of rhythm and melody holds [...]

RECITAL! Our First Post-Pandemic!

We are delighted to announce we are having our first recital since the pandemic.   It will be Sunday, May 5th from 12:30 onwards at the South-West Corner of Oakwood and Conway, in the parking lot.  The back-up date is May 12th, in case of bad weather.  Registration will be at the desk starting this week, and we expect to [...]

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