-Warmups (1min each):
Triplet Exercise 95bpm
1 measure RH; 2mm LH
Sixteenth-note Exercise 70bpm
One time through each pattern, then switch hands

*Swing beat

-feather the bass drum

-solid HH “chick” sound
Smells Like Teen Spirit
*Good, work on this with the recording this week
Jazz – we’ll have to get to this next week
*Come with a list of songs next week


*Triplet Exercise (Goal tempo = 100)
1 measure RH, two measures LH
1 minute without a break
*Sixteenth Note Exercise (goal tempo=80bpm)
*Stick Control Ex. 43-50** (120bpm)
*Ex. 40 needs some work – pay extra attention the sticking
Snare drum tuning
*Paradiddles Exercise
Joel Rothman Lesson 14
*Next three lines on first page (2 repetitions of each rhythm)
*Hand Exercises #3-4 (two repetitions of each exercise)
*Rock Beats # (4 times each)
-Ex. 1 and 2 from Lesson 1 in the GH Green book
G Major Scale
F Major Scale
New Scale next Week
*Pno book pg 42
Hannaford Audition: the Mar-Keys: The Last Night

**Snare drum solo